QuIPS Conference 2015



QUIPS IS NOW ACCEPTING REGISTRATION AND ABSTRACTS – visit: conference.utihiopenschool.ca

The University of Toronto Chapter of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School (UT IHI) first held the Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (QuIPS) Conference in 2011. Now in its fifth year, QuIPS is an inter-disciplinary conference focused on quality improvement and patient safety held in the heart of downtown Toronto. Up to two hundred students and healthcare professionals from the greater Toronto area and beyond are expected to gather for this conference. Here they have the opportunity to contribute to discussions of healthcare improvement and to network with peers, collaborators and potential employers.

The theme of the 2015 QuIPS conference is ‘Efficiency‘. The conference aims to:

  •  Highlight the concept of efficiency and define its constructs
  •  Explore “doing the right thing” with limited resources
  •  Explore concepts of “quality”, “cost”, and “value” within healthcare

SAVE THE DATE – Friday May 1 and Saturday May 2, 2015!

QuIPS will allow attendees to hear from some of healthcare’s most innovative and influential leaders. Furthermore, interactive workshops will provide attendees a glimpse into various quality improvement practices in healthcare.Those who participate will be empowered with tools to facilitate positive change in healthcare. They will be capable of influencing the lives of patients and society through effective administration, policy, research and practice.

For more info and updates, bookmark and visit http://www.conference.utihiopenschool.ca! Contact conference@utihiopenschool.ca to learn more.

Date: May 1 – 2, 2015

Time: all day

Location: Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, St. Michael’s Hospital


  • Mr. Steven Lewis (Canadian Health Policy Expert)
  • Dr. Jeffrey Hoch (Associate Professor at IHPME and Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto)​
  • Dr. Chris Hayes (Medical director of Quality and Patient Safety at St. Michael’s Hospital)
  • Dr. Raisa Deber (Professor at IHPME, University of Toronto) – Mr. Michael Villeneuve (Lecturer, Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto)

This event is worth a Red IPE Credit.

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