The University of Toronto IHI Open School (UTIHI) was created in 2009 to serve as a local Chapter of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School.

Faculty advisors, student leadership, members, and collaborators of UTIHI aim to ensure that Quality Improvement (QI) and Patient Safety (PS) education and interprofessional collaboration are not only emphasized, but integrated into healthcare professional training. Internationally recognized organizations, such as the Lucian Leape Institute and the National Patient Safety Foundation, recommend such an approach to transform organizational culture over the longer term.

Since its inception the Chapter has grown to over 200 paid members (and 800+ on our mailing list) in various programs including nursing, pharmacy, medicine, engineering, allied health sciences, social work, health policy, management, and public health at the University of Toronto.

Our Chapter believes that to provide the best care possible, we should demand the best of ourselves and the best of the system in which we work. Everyone deserves safe and effective health care, and we have been working with health care providers and leaders to fulfil that promise. To that end, UTIHI is committed to engaging with communities in the Greater Toronto Area, and works towards eliminating disparities in care across diverse populations.

For more information, visit our website or send us an email at