Phase 2 QI Project Student Recruitment

IHI Toronto is now conducting student recruitment for Phase 2 Quality Improvement (QI) projects.  Unlike Phase 1 QI projects, student teams will join existing project teams within healthcare centres that are currently implementing IHI Quality Improvement principles.  This is a great opportunity for students that would like to work and learn from health care professionals practicing quality improvement.  If you would like to be involved, please sign up here on or before December 6, 2010.

Projects will be clearly-defined and led by Project Champions within participating health care centres.  Meeting times and level of commitment are flexible and are largely dependant on the nature of the project, the needs of the Project Champion, and the desired level of student involvement.

Student teams will be involved in doing the following:

  • Completing the IHI Open School Courses on Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (
  • Working in teams of 2-3 students for 3 months commencing in early January;
  • Working and collaborating with a Project Champion at the healthcare centre through 4-5 on-site meetings;
  • Developing a project charter during an initial meeting with the Champion at the respective healthcare centre;
  • Completing two PDSA cycles lasting one month each; and
  • Compiling a storyboard or powerpoint presentation of their results from the PDSA cycles (including run charts and other evidence).

The available projects are as follows:

  • Bridgepoint Hospital: Students will participate in the testing of Bridgepoint’s new Fall Preventation Strategy and Program; and
  • Month Sinai:  Students will participate in the Releasing Time to Care program, which works to help direct time toward patient care in the most efficiency and systematic approach.

There are also possible opportunities at St. Micheal’s Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital, and the Quality Improvement & Innovation Partnership ( that will be finalized in the near future.

Please check back soon for more details on the projects mentioned above.  For a sample PDSA cycle, click here. For a walk through of the components of the QI project, please click here for the Student Improvement Practicum Handbook. With slight modifications, we will be following a similar methodology as this Handbook for Phase 2 QI Projects.